Bealings and Playford Parish Plan

The three parishes of Great Bealings, Little Bealings and Playford have been working on a joint Parish Plan since April 2007. The Plan was presented to residents of the parishes in April 2009 and we now have an Action Monitoring Group (AMG) which is supporting the implementation of the 32 Actions in the Plan. The Parish Councils are working on Actions as they see they apply to their respective parishes.

If you want to know how the AMG works, this is described in its Terms of Reference.

Notes of the AMG meetings and details of who sits on the AMG can be read here.

The Parish Plan

The report can be read

  • As web pages on this site
  • By downloading a large (5.5 megabyte) PDF file with good copies of all photos and diagrams
  • By downloading a small (750 kilobyte) PDF file with poorer copies of photos and diagrams
  • By asking Phil Holmes by email to post a copy of the report

Background to the Parish Plan

A page with the background to the plan can be found here.

Parish Plan Steering Group Meetings

Approved Steering Group meeting minutes can be found here.

Information you asked for

In the responses to the surveys, villagers said that they found some information (e.g. bus times, how to report problems with roads) difficult to find. We are now compiling a web page with this information on. Follow this link to see it. We have also established a mailing list for residents and details can be found on the same page.