Great Bealings, Little Bealings and Playford Parish Plan

Report and Action Plan

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April 2009


The photographs are of the village signs of the 3 parishes. Great Bealings and Little Bealings are both sides of the same sign and were carved by Maureen Midwinter. The Great Bealings side shows St Mary's church, the hump back bridge and cows grazing on the water meadow. The Little Bealings side shows All Saints church, sheep grazing and examples of the ancient artefacts found in the village.

Erected in commemoration of the Queen's Silver Jubilee, the Playford sign sits on top of the main village notice board. It depicts a ploughman with two Suffolk Punch horses, a breed now on the Rare Breeds Survival Trust's critical list. Herman Biddell of Hill Farm was responsible for compiling the first volume of the stud book in 1880 and his brother Manfred of Lux Farm owned a breeding establishment of some 46 of the horses at the time of his death in 1894.