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Information you asked for

One of the findings of the Parish Plan survey was that there was commonly wanted information that people in the village found difficult to get. We hope this page will address this.

Reporting road maintenance problems

To report a problem with road maintenance (e.g. potholes, damaged signs, obstructions) contact Suffolk County Council's Customer Service Direct on 0845 606 6067 during normal office hours. You can also make a report online. If you consider the problem poses a threat to public safety, don't report it online - either ring Customer Services Direct or the police on 01473 613500.

Mobile police van

The mobile police van visits Little Bealings about twice a month. You can find a schedule of its visits from this page.

Local bus services

The local bus services are the 70/70A connecting with Woodbridge, and the 71 for Ipswich.

The 70/70A is operated by a variety of different operators, travels from Ipswich to Woodbridge via Playford and Bealings. the journey takes about 15 minutes each way. Buses to Woodbridge leave at about 10:05, 12:50 and 17:75, and the returns go at 07:48, 09:30, 12:00 and 15:46.

The 71 comes through the villages once a day in each direction, leaving for Ipswich at around 08:00 and getting in at 08:40. The return service leaves Ipswich at 17:20 and gets to the villages around 17:45.

There is also a service number 972 for the local schools - Kesgrave and Farlingayes. Timetables are on notice boards by the bus stops, or you can check the online timetables for accurate up-to-date information:

In February 2013 Suffolk County Council told us:

This note is to advise that the bus service 71 Orford-Butley-Sutton(Base)- Woodbridge-Bealings-Ipswich has been subject to review and tender, the contract having time expired.

This is one of the County's most rural supported services and on the basis of price compared with passenger use is probably the most expensive.

I am pleased to advise that the County is continuing to support this service and following tender will be retained by the existing contractor-PF Travel. The number of journeys and the times are virtually unaltered.

This service provides:-

  • Peak Hour Bus Service only. Demand Responsible Transport -Suffolk Links- Wilford provides off peak arrangements for all locations beyond Woodbridge in the Orford/Sutton direction.
  • Morning Journey from Orford connects with train at Melton. Connections are also possible in the return, but are less perfect due to greater school and college demand.
  • Provides for workers and students to get to Woodbridge for 08.00 and Ipswich for 08.40.
  • In the afternoon provides a school journey from Farlingaye High School which partially underpins the whole service.
  • Demand Responsive Transport provides the opportunity to return from Woodbridge around 17.00.
  • The 71 bus service provides a 17.45 departure from Martlesham Tesco which is delayed in order to connect at Woodbridge with 17.20 departure (165 Service) from Ipswich allowing workers and College students a late peak return option.
  • The 71 bus which passes through Bealings and Playford only in the morning supplements the service for that location-- Service 72 which is unchanged.

A copy of the timetable is here.

Email list

We now have a list of email addresses covering Playford and Bealings. If you are not yet on the list and would like to be added, or have a news items of local interest that you would like to publicise, please email:

(sorry that this is not a link, but this is a way of trying to avoid spam).

If you do subscribe to the list, you will only receive mail from the administrators - Sarah Cartwright or Phil Holmes. Nothing is sent automatically without human checking. We also send to you using the "BCC" (Blind Carbon Copy) field, so your email address is not publicised further.

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