2 Steering Group Members

The Steering Group (called the Joint Parish Plan Steering Group, JPPSG) comprised 5 members from each Parish (including 2 representatives from each Parish Council), a total of 15 members in all. Meetings of the JPPSG were chaired by a chairman from each parish in rotation.

The following were the members of the JPPSG during the final phase of the Parish Plan activity:

Great Bealings

Little Bealings


Eric Barnett (Chairman)

Sarah Wilson (Chairman)

Anne Seward (Chairman)

Phil Holmes (Secretary)

Ferial Evans

Eileen Stennett

Jonathan Keer

Ann Beck

John Day

Chris Chestnutt

Peter Carr

Joan Metcalfe (Treasurer)

Paul Norris

Hilary Wilkinson

Tracy Hanson

Other people were members of the JPPSG at various times, but had to stand down for various reasons. These include Robin Sadler, Colin Hopkins, Robert Tate and Tom Norfolk. Minutes were taken by Carol Ramsden.

The secretary was Phil Holmes. Any communications relating to this Parish Plan should be directed to him at:

Paddock Hill
Grundisburgh Road
Great Bealings
IP13 6PE

Tel 01473 735223
email: email@philholmes.net