11 Recommended Actions

Action 1 Investigate scope for co-operative oil purchase aiming to reduce oil price and the number of vehicle journeys.

Action 2 Parish Councils to inform SCDC of residents' desire for development of mains services.

Action 3 Liaise with SCDC to improve household insulation and encourage householders to take advantage of grants, etc.

Action 4 Work with Benefice Newsletter to improve communication e.g. of Village Hall events, Parish Council communication, bus timetables, fly tipping/road repair/footpath maintenance reporting, car sharing, crop spraying, young people's events. Work with PCs to improve and promote websites. Consider using the Suffolk Association of Local Councils' "e-communities" initiative as a communications mechanism.

Action 5 Parish Councils to consider data from Parish Plan in development planning policy and keep under review the need for further housing surveys.

Action 6 Work with SCDC and PCs to progress retention of green fields between Kesgrave and Playford/Bealings.

Action 7 Investigate recycling sites and liaise with SCDC concerning wider provision.

Action 8 Pursue placing cables underground with service providers.

Action 9 Explore community village shop with interested residents.

Action 10 Work with police, Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinators and local residents to reinvigorate Neighbourhood Watch and improve understanding of police presence.

Action 11 Work with Village Hall Management Committees to improve lighting and warning notices.

Action 12 Work with residents, Suffolk ACRE and local charities (e.g. Age Concern) to exchange information and arrange services for people with mobility problems.

Action 13 Work with those interested to set up and run local teams.

Action 14 Develop existing Playford provision for film club.

Action 15 Work with service providers to improve mobile phone coverage.

Action 16 Great Bealings PCC to consider emergency access to church.

Action 17 Improve knowledge of road problem reporting system; see Action 4 above

Action 18 Investigate speed in Boot Street, the use of a 20mph speed limit near the school and whether the 30 mph limit can be extended on Hall Farm Road, Great Bealings.

Action 19 Little Bealings/Great Bealings: work with SCC/BT to improve Hall Road junction. Playford: work with SCC to improve Church Lane/Bealings Road junction.

Action 20 Explore the reliability and timing of buses - especially for young people and local employees - and size of buses with bus companies.

Action 21 Work with interested residents to set up a car sharing scheme.

Action 22 Advise MP and SCC of the desire to give priority at local schools to local children.

Action 23 Work with School, SCC and others to address issues of concern over children's travel to Bealings School.

Action 24 Advise MP and SCC of the strength of support for free school buses.

Action 25 Discuss scope for improvements to footpaths and gates with SCC and PCs.

Action 26 Investigate provision of a footpath from Boot Street to Bealings Playing Field with SCC and landowners.

Action 27 Investigate provision of more cycle paths to Bealings School and Kesgrave High and improvements to footpath from Playford to Bealings School with SCC and landowners.

Action 28 Organise litter pick with SCDC support or with the support of the Probation Service; see Action 4 above for improvements to reporting

Action 29 Investigate loss of wildlife in the villages with Suffolk Wildlife Trust and landowners, including the possibility of a Biodiversity Action Plan. Consider investigating the successful work in Parham.

Action 30 Discuss how to improve notice of spraying with local farmers; see Action 4 above

Action 31 Work with PCs to improve notice boards, in particular Great Bealings; see Action 4.

Action 32 Advise SCDC of concern over noise from helicopters